USA LEADING THE FLEET-2005 NA REGATTAUSA was designed with a revolutionary appendage package consisting of a rudder at each end of the waterline and small fin supporting the entire ballast package in a streamlined bulb.  The concept is to generate as much sideforce as possible from the high aspect ratio foils at each end of the waterline.  Total wetted surface is reduced and the package operates more efficiently.

After her participation in the Challenger Trials for the 1987 America’s Cup, she returned to San Francisco.  She was acquired in the late 90’s by a European yachtsman who was keen to participate in the 2001 America’s Cup Jubilee.  She received a total refit under the direction of Ken Keefe, co-owner of Keefe-Kaplan Maritime and more more importantly, her original project manager.

Working with members of her original design team, the forward canard was moved 1 m aft and the boat was lighten up for the expected conditions in her new sailing grounds of the Med.  She was fitted with a Sail Spars double spreader rig and composite boom.  Sails were by North and the crew included Mike Toppa.

With a top notch crew she competed in the America’s Cup Jubilee, winning one race and finishing 5th in a very competitive fleet.

After a few more seasons in the Med, she was purchased by a group in Newport, RI.  Since then she has been an avid competitor in the racing in New England.  Various changes have been made to lighten her up for the conditions found in Newport.